Friday, July 23, 2010

And Her Name Is....

It's official...Baby Cryer will be Miss Addison Claire! I am so excited and ready to start the monogramming! My great-grandmother would be so proud to know that she will have her name...although with the name comes a fiesty personality! I can't wait to meet her!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's A Girl

I am so excited to write that we found out on Thursday we are having a baby girl! All I can think about is pink, pink, pink! I may drive my hubby crazy before she gets here, but I just can't wait to buy bows, dresses, and shoes! We didn't care if the baby was a boy or girl, as long as they were healthy. But, I must say we are equally excited about having a daughter!

We still have not decided on a name yet so for right now we just call her Baby Girl Cryer! She will either be Addison or Claire. Both equally beautiful names, but deciding which one is perfect for my baby girl is hard! I am a little partial to Addison because its a family name. My hubby says we should just wait until we meet her to decide, but I told him no way...too many things to be monogrammed between now and her arrival!

As soon as we decide on a name I will definately post. And, when I can get my scanner to work I have some cute ultrasound pics of Baby Girl Cryer to share!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation 2010

Vacation is always hard for us because we can never decide where to go! This would be our last vacation with our family of three so we really wanted to make it special for Cole. Our first choice was our favorite vacation spot, Destin, Florida. Cole hasn't been since he was one so I knew it would be fun! However, the oil spill in the Gulf left a shadow of doubt on our beach plans so we decided to go somewhere new, Sea World in San Antonio.

We stopped along the way in Houston to take Cole to the zoo. They have a dinosaur exhibit that opened this summer and we just knew that our little dinosaur-lovin boy would love it! Not to mention all the other cool animals he would get to see. The rain put a slight damper on our zoo trip, but we made the best of it. To our surprise, Cole was scared of the dinosaurs! He did enjoy looking at the other animals and taking a ride on the zoo carousel.

Sea World was amazing! We still are not sure who had more fun, us or Cole! There are so many neat things to do, like feeding dolphins, splashing at the water park, and all the cool shows. Not to mention the rides! Every morning Cole would wake up and ask was it time to go to Sea World! Our hotel was very cool too. Each night we were able to roast marshmallows (or make smores!)in the courtyard and watch a movie. Definately a family friendly hotel! Even more exciting was that another family we know was also staying at the same hotel. Cole got to play with his "girlfriend" Isabella and her brother Jayden!

Our trip was absolutely wonderful! We can't wait to go back! I ended up coming home with 392 pictures on my camera. I will post just a few for yall to see!

Cole and Shamu

Family pic by the fire

Feeding the dolphins

The only dinosaur that Cole was not scared of!